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CTDE-CF Series Spilt Type Convection Clean Oven

CTDE-CF Series Spilt Type Convection Clean Oven

Region: Jiangsu
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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Detailed Description
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Delivery Lead Time: 45 days
  • Certificates/Standards: Quality Management System Certificate, Environmental Management System Certificate
  • Main Sales Markets: Central/South America, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: no

Notes: Consisting of separated oven main body and auxiliary part (heating system, circulation system, filters, connecting air duct and air valves).

1. Suitable for the drying of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in the synthetic area and refining-drying-packing workshop, and granules in solid preparation workshop.
2. Design and manufacturing according to GMP/cGMP/FDA certification requirements.
3. Clean hot air fully contacted with materials due to forced convection design. Drying efficiency improved; drying time shortened; 2-5 times drying rate than that of ordinary ovens.
4. No need to turn over materials during drying.  
5. Separated design for dynamic and static parts. Easy for cleaning the material area.
6. Circulation system equipped with filters.
7. Temp. tolerance within ±2 ºC.
8. Patented product with patent no.: ZL201020125055.2., ZL201420166706.0.

Technical Parameters

Model Loading Capacity/Batch (KG) Installed Power (kW) Drying Rack (Set) Drying Tray (Pieces) Outline Dimension of Main Body (mm) Outline Dimension of Auxiliary Machine (mm) Temperature Difference (ºC)
CTDE-CF-A 20-50 ~5 1 10 1750*1200*1800 2000*1500*2400 +-2
CTDE-CF-I 60-100 ~7 1 20 1900*1300*2050 2300*1800*2700 +-2
CTDE-CF-II 150-200 ~12.5 1 30 2150*1600*2200 2600*2180*3300 +-2

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