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Membrane extruder/Liposomes extruder/5

Membrane extruder/Liposomes extruder/5

Region: Jiangsu
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Monthly Production Capacity: 99
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Detailed Description
  • Packaging Information: ATS EXTRUDER
  • Payment Terms: 100%TT
  • Delivery Lead Time: 6-8week
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia
  • Sample Provided: no

NANOJ  EX5 Membrane extrusion is mainly used to make pharmaceutical products uniform particle size, removing the particles and precipitation in product, reducing the particle size of the liposomes and emulsions, facilitate research sterile filtration and dynamics of molecular biological!

        The ATS EX 5 exturder /liposomes extruder can be used to combine with high pressure homogenizer ATS AH-2010, .AHBASIC, AH-PILOT, AH-08 and other models high pressure homogenizer, coupled with 100nm or 200nm filtration membrane,,You can do high pressure homogenization + filter!

        The extrusion system uses a jacketed temperature control design, the jacket temperature control system can target specific nature of the material and direct heating or cooling of the material, So that products can be evenly through the filter and refine the particle size, Suitable for processing high viscosity products. For example, liposome with sugar, cannot be used directly homogenized by EX-5 LIPOSOMES extruder under room temperature, the material must be heated to a melting certain extent, can be homogenized by membrane! The device comes with a jacket temperature control design, make the process more convenient and efficient operation!
    The extrusion system comes standard 100nm-microporou membrane, membrane can not only make liposomes uniform to smaller particle size, and may play a role in sterilization, because the pore diameter is small enough to be direct filtration of bacteria!


NANOJ EX5 membrane extruder has the following characteristics:

EX5 liposomes extruder can single joint use, or you can double joint, quadruple use.

Use a polycarbonate liposomes membrane, convenient operation, membrane pore size can be selected by need

Strictly control product particle size, can be a single operation or cycle operation

Preset pressure protection valve, Maximum pressure up to 200bar

Can be used for high concentration samples process, Extrusion temperature control device is equipped with in front and rear, can effectively control the temperature of the sample

All piping in contact with the materials are 316L stainless steel

All component materials include O-ring、gaskets etc approved by FDA

All contact membrane surfaces are made of electrolytic polishing treatment, Minimum polishing reaches 15Ra (All well above the polishing degree requirements)

Can be used in a clean room, conform to GMP standard

Convenient loading and unloading, easy cleaning and sterilization

 a part of Most famous​ Customer List​:

.China Pharmaceutical University
2.Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
3.Kelun Group
4.Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.,
5.Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group
6.CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited
7.Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd.
8.Tsinghua University
9.Peking University
11.china tai tianqing

12.Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Almost all the domestic universities,and Large pharmaceutical companies


Address: Suzhou Jiangsu China

City: Suzhou

Contact: Yang Daidi

TEL: -512-62767886

Fax: -512-62761582

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