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Membrane extruder/Liposomes extruder/6

Membrane extruder/Liposomes extruder/6

Region: Jiangsu
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Monthly Production Capacity: 99
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Detailed Description
  • Packaging Information: Hot-melt extruder
  • Payment Terms: 100%TT
  • Delivery Lead Time: 6-8week
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia
  • Sample Provided: no

        Hot-Melt Extrusion technique or named Melt Extrusion technique,It's a new preparation technology that the Europe, North America and Japan vigorously developed in recent years. The main function is to improve the solubility of the drug, the preparation of sustained release formulations……

​        Hot-Melt Extruder Basic parameters


Capacity :3kg/h,

Screw diameter (mm) 15.6

Screw groove depth (mm) 3.3

Maximum drive power(Kw) 1.5

Maximum speed(rpm) 600

Maximum output torque(N/m) 33

Molding caliber(mm) 2

Minimum sample weight(g) :30

Residues(ml) :20


Hot-melt extruder Technical advantages:

Continuous production

Excellent reproducibility

No dust pollution

Online control

​Hot-melt extruder Applications:

1. Adalat SL → Nifedipine    

 Accessories reinforcing material:PEG

2. Cris-PEG → Griseofulvin  

 Accessories reinforcing material:PEG

3. Kaletra   → Lopinavir / ritonavir

 Accessories reinforcing materialCopovidone

4. Rezulin   → Troglitazone

 Accessories reinforcing materialPovidone

Hot-melt extruder principle 

Hot-melt extruder technology  Two or more of the samples were placed in a temperature controlled barreltogether heated to a molten state.Under the action of the screw, the samples were cut, mix, and finally through a die under a certain pressure,become dispersed uniformly shaped product

l  Hot-melt extruder basic ideaPlace multiple segments threaded element within different functions in the axial space.So that multiple samples size decreases, and mutual penetration and exchangeeventually achieve molecular level mixing

Address: Suzhou Jiangsu China

City: Suzhou

Contact: Yang Daidi

TEL: -512-62767886

Fax: -512-62761582

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