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s-Lauryl methacrylate

s-Lauryl methacrylate

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  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: no
Producut s-Lauryl methacrylate Abbreviation SLMA Main Applications Coating compounds, adhesive compound, lubricating oil additive Existing Chemical Substance No. (2)-1039 Properties Molecular Weight (compound) Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Odor Distinctive odor Refractive Index (25℃) 1.445 Specific Gravity (liquid 25℃/4℃) Boiling Point (℃ 760mmHg) 150(3mmHg) Freezing Point (℃ 760mmHg) -16 Flash Point 155 (Cleveland open-cup flash test) Ignition Temperature (℃) No data Flammability Limits (vol%) No data Vapour Pressure (mmHg 25℃) No data Viscosity (CP 25℃) 4.33 Solubility Hardly soluble in water Stability & Reactivity Polymerize under sunlight and heat Classification of Hazard Classification Classification standard not applicable Hazardous Inflammable liquid when heated Harmful Irritates the skin and the mucosa Product Standard Color Number (APHA) 15 or less Specific Gravity (20/4℃) 0.872~0.876 Free Acid (wt% HBA equivalent) 0.005 or less Purity (wt%) No less than 98.5 Water Content (wt%) 0.05 or less Polymerization Inhibitor (ppm standard) MEHQ100

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