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Region: Zhejiang
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Detailed Description
  • Certificates/Standards: ASME, ASME, CE, ISPE member
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East
  • Sample Provided: no



The drying capacity of this type of lyophilizer is 4~12L, and the capacity of the vial is about 500~2500 (according to the size of the vial). 

Highly automated operation, high-precision control provides safe and reliable data for the development and production of biopharmaceuticals, antibiotics, blood products, diagnostic reagents and other products.




Compact equipment, fully computer controlled;

The interior is entirely made of stainless steel 304 / 316L;

Maintenance-free design with good stability;

No need for more supporting equipment, only need power supply to run perfectly;

It can be adjusted according to the customer's product process in terms of temperature value and overall external dimensions.



Selection parameter


Type Lyopro-0.2 Lyopro-0.4 Lyopro-0.6
Drying capacity(L) 4 8 12
Shelf area(m²) 0.24 0.40 0.60

Shelf size(L*W*H)(mm)

400*300 400*300 400*300
Useable Shelf No. 2 3 4

Vial loading quantity                         φ16











Inter. Shelf distance(mm)                 70 70 70
Shelf ultimate cooling temperature(℃)    (air/water/cascade cooling system)  -45/-50/-60 -45/-50/-60 -45/-50/-60
Condenser ultimate cooling temperature(℃)(air/water/cascade cooling system)  -50/-70/-80 -50/-70/-80 -50/-70/-80
Ultimate vacuum(Pa)              ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0

Installation dimension(L*W*H)(mm)







Weight (Kg)                300 400 500
Power(Kw)                 4 5 7


eutectic point test


eutectic point test


eutectic point test



Selection points


In order to provide you with a set of equipment that meets your requirements, please be sure to inform us of the following information when inquiring:

  1. Is it a vial or a freeze-dried tray? If it is a vial, please inform the size of the single vial, and the amount of drying of each batch of vials. If it is a tray, please tell us how many liters of drying in a single batch?

  2.  The temperature requirements of the product, if there is no temperature requirement, our recommended separator temperature for the experimental machine is -40C, please inform if the need is lower.

  3.  Do you need to meet the GMP, FDA and other regulatory requirements, that is, do you need CIP, SIP and related quality documents?



Product warranty

The overall equipment meets EU CE product regulations. Has been exported to more than 10 countries. 

This experimental freeze dryer is the standard product of Hummer Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

All the main motors are imported brands and the system is controlled by OMRON/Siemens. 

The device can realize remote control service through the computer. If there is any need, you only need to connect the computer of the freeze dryer to the Internet. 

We provide one year warranty for each piece of equipment, and provide lifetime paid services and free technical support if needed.

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