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QYAN Probiotics Tablets For Women

QYAN Probiotics Tablets For Women

Region: Liaoning
Minimum Order Quantity: 160boxes
Monthly Production Capacity: 100000boxes
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Detailed Description
  • Packaging Information: 20tablet per box/ 160boxes per carton
  • Price: 4.50
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Delivery Lead Time: normally 20 days
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: yes
  • Sample Policy: Free samples can be sent, freight pay

QYAN® Probiotics Lyophilized Active Factor Bacteriostatic Tablet

  1. For the Health of Feminine Private Parts
  2. Moisturizes Feminine Private Parts
  3. Balance Healthy bacteria Flora
  4. Optimal pH range

Potent Lactobacillus Formula Women

The problem of gynecology has had an impact on the majority of women around the world. And after entry the 21st century, more and more gynecological problems are found in young women. This phenomenon has received seriously attention from all community around the world. Many famous doctors and universities have begun to start research on why young women develop gynecological problems early.

Since human entered the 21st century, rapid development of high-tech products and a large part of it is for especially women’s consumer goods, including: women’s cosmetics, women’s hygiene products and women’s nursing products. Most women’s products contain chemical materials which can cause some damage to the female body. Long-term use these synthetic substances, there is a certain of harmful substances will remain in the female body, causing the hidden danger of disease.

In recent years, there have been frequent press reports that some young women before the age of 30 suffered from various serious female diseases and even cancer. And most of the women are very serious reproductive system problems. Under this circumstances, most treatment from doctor are using antibiotics to kill reproductive system infection and inflammation, but there will be effective to the human micro-ecological flora after using antibiotics, cause great harm to the human body.

QYAN® Probiotics Lyophilized Active Factor Bacteriostatic Tabletis is the active probiotics which exist in the human body naturally, play the role of physical regulation inside vagina locally without getting into blood circulation. Every product must be strictly tested before leaving the factory with gaining approval from the relevant national departments. The product has passed the functional tests (Bacteriostasis experiment, Live Bacteria Detection, Toxicity Experiment, etc.) of state authorities, adopted the most advanced biotechnology in the world, done R&D and produced by executing national standards which is more secure.

The main ingredient of this product is live lactic acid bacteria. The product doesn’t contain any preservatives and additives which are harmful to the fetus, also there is no any damages and side effects for the pregnant women which means the consumers can use it securely.

The main effect of this product is to regulate the various types of vaginitis caused by flora disturbance, especially for the recurrent vaginitis which has a great effect.

QYAN® Probiotics Lyophilized Active Factor Bacteriostatic Tabletis is a revolutionary probiotics product in 2019, by directly supplying a large number if probiotics needed in the affected areas, saving the time wasted from oral taking probiotics and unnecessary consumption, providing the necessary protection for the female reproductive system. Will improve the reproductive system in a short period of time.

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