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Region: Hubei
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Monthly Production Capacity: 10KG
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Detailed Description
  • Packaging Information: Conventional Aluminum Foil Bag Packaging
  • Price: 1.00
  • Payment Terms: pay in advance
  • Delivery Lead Time: 7-14days
  • Contract Manufacturing: CRO
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: no

Basic Information of AICAR
Product Name: AICAR/ Acadesine
Alias: AICA Riboside; Acadesine
CAS: 2627-69-2 
MF: C9H14N4O5 
MW: 258.23 
EINECS: 220-097-5 
Appearance: White powder
Purity: Above 99%
Stacking with GW-501516,Andarine

Advantages of using Aicar

1.One of the key benefits of Aicar is its effect in increasing the uptake of glucose in the body. Glucose is the source of energy and the increased uptake means that your body is spending more energy than before. While this will be a great thing for working out, it can also help improve energy levels, keeping you active all day.
2.Aicar has also been seen to improve metabolic action significantly. Even for people who just want to use the drug as a simple weight loss solution without difficult workout regimens, it can help set the metabolism right so that you can burn more even at rest.
3.Aicar is also a selective supplement that targets only the skeletal cells and the muscle tissue. This can help people who are extremely obese fine tune their body to a place where they can start an exercise routine. Aicar has also often been referred to as “exercise in a bottle”. In other words, it’s a solution that can help you lose weight by doing nothing.

Orally Sarms Aicar for 

Aicar can be administered orally. The liquid capsules can be paired with water or juice. The dosage is still something debatable. However, you’ll need a lot of AICAR to get the results you want. Some studies have suggested nearly 500 milligrams a day per kilogram of body weight.


AICAR’s side effects are very real and serious. Since it affects blood flow, AICAR can cause less blood going to your brain and heart valve issues. Hence, those side effects make AICAR one of the most risky compounds to use in the PED world. Less significant side effects, such as diarhea and thirst, are also common.

The other problem is that AICAR is mostly available through peptide research companies. It has been proven that these companies selectively scam their customers. As a result, there is no telling what is really in the bottles they are selling to people.

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City: Wuhan

Contact: Mr Kong

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