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Temperature & Humidity Chamber Economic type (TH3-E)

Temperature & Humidity Chamber Economic type (TH3-E)

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Detailed Description
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East
  • Sample Provided: no

Differentiated Systems

  • Convenient operation with 5.6 inch color touch display controller.
  • Possible to check the operation status with graphs.
  • Minimize the occurrence of faults by simplifying water direct line and electric circuit.
  • Water level check function enables water replenishment at the right time.

Structural functional features

  • Excellent thermal insulation and sealing to ensure stable temperature and humidity reproducibility even for repeated test use.
  • The door part is a double-sealed structure that provides enhanced airtightness.
  • Maintains stable temperature and humidity by circulating air in the chamber at the optimum speed.
  • Energy-saving system that can perform optimum temperature and humidity tests efficiently, reducing power consumption during operation.

Outstanding Safety

  • Electronic over temperature shutdown system. (advanced over temperature (A-OT) limiter)
    Independent precision temperature sensor and controller for safer and more accurate over temperature shutdown.
  • General-type over power shutdown system. (B-OT, backup over temperature limiter)
    A backup device for electronic system failure, mechanically preventing over temperature even when it occurs electronic errors.
  • Ensures that the surface temperature is kept below 60°C.
  • Low and empty water level alarm and automatic shut off.
  • Door open warning and automatic shut off.
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection of device.
  • Fuse installed for each heater for safety.
  • Auto stop when operating current of compressor is overloaded.
  • Auto stop when compressor is overheating.
  • Auto shut off in case refrigerant pressure (high/low pressure) is abnormal.

Use Convenience Features

  • Efficient water supply and recirculation system minimizes water refilling even for long-term high-humidity tests.
  • Direct water supply system. (option)
  • Easy observation of samples with tempered glass door with built in heating wire and LED lamp.
  • A structure that allows the door to be opened and closed easily.
  • Easy to clean as it is easy to remove refrigerator condenser grill, making it convenient to maintain efficiency of refrigeration.

Multifunction Control System

  • Control and data processing by connecting up to 32 devices to PC at same time via RS-485 port.
  • Reliable control with temperature/humidity auto-tuning and temperature calibration.
  • PID zone subdivided into 9 zones for more precise control stability.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected. (mobile monitoring system) (when purchased LC GreenBox)
  • Convenient checking with useful graph display.


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