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Incubated Shakers (Stackable)

Incubated Shakers (Stackable)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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Detailed Description
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia
  • Sample Provided: no

with optional accessories.

Model Name : ISS-7100/7100R/7200/7200R

ISS-7000 display.JPG

Advantages of Stackable Model
  • Large shaking capacity chamber allows user to freely organize different size of samples. 
    - 198L chamber can accommodate six of 4L flasks and also thirty nine of 250ml flasks. You can make the capacity triple, if you stack three units.
  • Maximize your space with our triple stackable incubated shaker. 
    - Highly recommended for users who want to maximize limited space. Have three units in your lab while taking up minimal space. In addition, high rpm is still guaranteed even when you stack up 3 units.
  • Lift up opening door and slide out platform enables easy sample handling. 
    - Door is opened upward and stayed open for hands-free handling. Slide type universal platform let you access to all samples, even ones placed at the back.
  • Optional stand is available and highly recommended for comfort use. Setting your incubated shaker at your height let you feel totally relaxed when you use it anytime.(optional)
    • Temperature range:
      - Ambient +10°C to 80°C for ISS-7100 / 7200.
      - Ambient -20°C (Min. 4) to 80°C for ISS-7100R / 7200R.
    • Competitive high shaking speed up to 400 rpm. (Stackable up to 250rpm)
      - From 30 to 400 rpm (stackable : 30 to 250) for ISS-7100(R)
      - From 30 to 300 rpm (stackable : 30 to 200) for ISS-7200(R)
    • Orbital shaking motion in 19.1mm diameter.
      - 25.4 mm for ISS-7100(R)
      - 50.8 mm for ISS-7200(R)
    • Microprocessor PID control.
    • Three point temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
    • Wide speed range even with heavy workload.
      - Ideal DD(Direct Drive) brushless motor and triple cam system support heavy load, quiet, maintenance free operation and deliver high torque at high speeds and smooth rotation.
    • Best effort run function intelligently manages its rpm to keep shaking even workload is out of its capacity.
      - Automatic shaking speed adjustment in case of excessive workload such as unbalanced load placement, unusual vibrations caused from unstable floor or external shock.
    • Pleasant test environment by the smooth acceleration and deceleration control.
      - Smooth start and smooth stop function prevents chemical spills from flasks or test tubes.
    • High-velocity fan ensures uniform temperature distribution and rapid thermal recovery after door open.
    • Air-tight silicone door seal to provide excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons and logical menus.
  • Easy-set digital timer for shaking operation. (1 min. to 999 hr. 59 min.)
  • Wide sample monitoring.
    - Clear observation of samples without affecting inner chamber’s environment thanks to the transparent viewing window with bright LED lamps.
  • Repetitive task can be easily performed as the platform stops where it starts.
    - Stopping the shaking platform always at the same position is highly beneficial for automated dosing or sampling process.
  • Two adjustable-height shelves provided allow static incubation or refrigeration, which increase storage capacity.
  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel interior.
  • Easy-access drain system with a quick disconnect valve offers great convenience to clean up of spills.
  • Built-in RS-232 port and USB port for external control and data collection.
  • Stand with adjustable feet to ensure a level installation, and retractable casters to allow positioning prior to installation.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected (mobile monitoring system) connection. (when purchased LC GreenBox)
  • Automatic run after power interruption.
  • Temperature and shaking speed deviation alarm.
  • Over-current protection, Stalled platform check.
  • Triple independent temperature monitor system.
    - Temperature deviation alarm (High/Low)
    - Electronic temperature limiter (High/Low)
    - Mechanical over-temperature limiter (High)
  • Environment-friendly CFC-free refrigerant. (for ISS-7100R / 7200R)
Model ISS-7100 ISS-7100R ISS-7200 ISS-7200R
Temperature Range (℃ / ℉)

Amb. +10 to 80

/ Amb. +18 to 176

Amb. -20 (Min. 4) to 80

/Amb. -36 (Min. 7.2) to 176

Amb. +10 to 80

/Amb. +18 to 176

Amb. -20 (Min. 4) to 80

/Amb. -36 (Min. 7.2) to 176

Fluctuation at 37℃ in flask

(±℃ / ℉)

0.1 / 0.18

Variation at 37℃ in flask

(±℃ / ℉)

0.5 / 0.90
Refrigerator (Hp) - 1/6Hp - 1/6Hp
Shaking system Motion type Orbital
Amplitude size (mm / inch, dia.) 25.4 / 1  50.8 / 2
Speed range (rpm) 30 to 400 (stackable2) : 30 to 250)  30 to 300 (stackable2) : 30 to 200)
Accuracy ±1% of set speed (>100rpm) / ±1 (≤100rpm)
Timer 1 min. to 999 hr 59 min.
Max. Load (kg / Ibs)

20 / 44.1 at 400 rpm

15 / 33.1 at 250 rpm (stacked)

20 / 44.1 at 200 rpm (stacked)

20 / 44.1 at 300 rpm

15 / 33.4 at 200 rpm (stacked)

20 / 44.1 at 150 rpm (stacked)

Dimension Volume (L / cu ft) 198 /7.1
Platform (W×D, mm / inch) 755×520 / 29.7x20.5
Interior (W×D×H, mm / inch) 809×624×393 / 31.9×24.6×15.5
Exterior1) (W×D×H, mm / inch) 1310×996×755/ 51.6x39.2x29.7
Net weight (kg / Ibs) 365 / 804.7 375 / 826.7 365 / 804.7 375 / 826.7
Electrical requirements (230V) 60Hz, 3.7A 50Hz, 3.7A 60Hz, 5.6A 50Hz, 5.6A 60Hz, 3.7A 50Hz, 3.7A 60Hz, 5.6A 50Hz, 5.6A
Cat. No.

















Electrical requirements (120V) 60Hz, 7.1A 60Hz, 10A 60Hz, 7.1A 60Hz, 10A
Cat. No. AAH238115U AAH238215U AAH239115U AAH239215U

※ Above specifications can be changed without prior notice.
※Temp. change may occur during automatic defrost. (for ISS-3075R/4075R)

1) Main body dimension with retractable foot caster.

2) Stacked with stand or products.


for Incubated Shakers

  • Flask clamps

  • Plastic clamps (plastic)

  • Funnel clamps

  • Dedicated platforms

Universal platforms / Flask clamps / Funnel clamps

Universal platforms provide flexibility for mixing assortments of test tubes and glassware of varying sizes on a single platform. Various clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks and separatory funnels are available.

Cat. No. Universal platform  AAA23507
- Flask clamps(Stainless steel) Erlenmeyer flask size
AAA23550 for 50 mL
AAA23551 for 100 mL
AAA23552 for 250 mL
AAA23556 for 300 mL
AAA23553 for 500 mL
AAA23554 for 1L
AAA23555 for 2L
AAA23557 for 2.8L
AAA23558 for 4L
AAA23559 for 6L
- Flask clamps(plastic) 1) Erlenmeyer flask size
AAA30570 for 50 mL
AAA30571 for 100 ~ 125 mL
AAA30572 for 200 mL
AAA30573 for 250 mL
AAA30574 for 300 mL
AAA30575 for 500 mL 2)
AAA30576 for 1L 2)
AAA30577 for 2L 2)
- Funnel clamps separatory funnel size
AAA23562 for 250 mL
AAA23563 for 500 mL
AAA23564 for 1L
AAA23565 for 2L

※ Above accessories need to be mounted on a universal platform which is sold separately.

1) In the case of plastic flask clamps mounting, deformation may occur at temperatures over 40°C. Stainless steel flask clamps are recommended when using over 40°C and high temperature environment.
2) Possible to use under 300 rpm

Dedicated platforms

When using a single flask size only, the dedicated platforms with pre-installed clamps provide maximum capacity. 250mL and 500mL clamps arestandard but other sizes can be available.




Universal platform &250mL flask clamps AAA23637
No. of flask clamps 39
Universal platform &500mL flask clamps AAA23636
No. of flask clamps 28

* A dedicated platform is sold with setting each max. mountable amount of flask clamps on.


  • Test tube racks

  • Microplate holders

  • Rubber mats

Test tube racks

Easy to release and mount racks made of durable stainless steel with adjustable angle and tube height support. Test tube racks are used with an optional universal platform.




Cat.No. Universal platform AAA23503-V4
- Test tube size Mountable capacity of rack*
AAA23581 for 86 test tubes, Ø8mm / Ø0.3˝ 7
AAA23582 for 86 test tubes, Ø10mm / Ø0.4˝
AAA23583 for 58 test tubes, Ø12mm / Ø0.5˝
AAA23584 for 58 test tubes, Ø14mm / Ø0.6˝
AAA23585 for 32 test tubes, Ø17mm / Ø0.7
AAA23586 for 19 test tubes, Ø25mm / Ø1.0˝
AAA23587 for 10 test tubes, Ø30mm / Ø1.2˝
AAA23594 for 10 test tubes, Ø35mm / Ø1.4˝
AAA23593 for 4 test tubes, Ø50mm / Ø1.9˝

* No declination
※ We can manufacture other size of test tube racks to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for details.

Microplate holders

Available in three styles: tower type, flat type (small and large), and single type. Tower type holder is for 10 standard or deep well plates. Large flat holder is for 4 standard or deep well plates. Small flat holder is for 3 standard or deep well plates. Single type holder is for 1 standard or deep well plate. (standard well plates’ height: 14.7mm)

Cat.No. Universal platform
- Microplate holder type
AAA23654 Single
AAA23651 Tower
AAA23652 Flat A(large)
AAA23653 Flat B(small)

* Microplate holders need to be mounted on an universal platform which is sold separately.

Rubber mats

Designed for low-speed applications, non-skid rubber mats allow quick addition or removal of flasks, plates or tubes.




Cat. No AAA23535


  • Spring wire racks
    (two tier rack with flexible crossed spring)

  • Universal attachments

  • Lab sticker


Spring wire racks

Ideal for holding a wide variety of tubes, flasks, and other glassware. All components are made of stainless steel.




Cat. No. AAA23526
- Max. inserting flasks
for 50 mL 45
for 100 mL 28
for 250 mL 18
for 300 mL 18
for 500 mL 15
for 1L 10
for 2L 6
for 2.8L 4

Universal attachments (utility carriers)

Several adjustable clamping bars for quickly securing a variety of glassware or tubes on non-skid rubber mats. Suitable for flat-bottomed flasks of various sizes.




Cat. No. AAA2351

Lab sticker

An alternative method for securing vessels to a shaker platform. Ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes that cannot be held on the universal platform with conventional flask clamps. For safe operation, gradual RPM increase is recommended.


Perfectly designed to let users feel totally relaxed by leveling the height.

Cat. No Description (W×D×H) (mm / inch) Suitable for

Stand 1 with Stacking kits

(600mm/23.6" height for stacking 1 unit)




Stand 2 with Stacking kits

(600mm/23.6" height for stacking 2 unit)

Cat. No. Description (W×D×H) (mm / inch)
AAA30551 200×200×5 / 7.9×7.9×0.2


Stacking kits

Units are stackable using exclusive stacking kits for space saving.

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
AAA23573 Stacking kits for stackable chambers







LC GreenBox

Real-time monitoring and control of device operation via mobile app.
Up to 4 devices can be connected at once.

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