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Region: Shandong
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  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
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With reputation of being an elenment of life and wisdom,iodine id the essential element for human body and the plant growth.The product is widely used in food,pharmaceutical,metalllurgy,agriculture,dyestuff,high-tech and many other fields. molecular weight:I2,molecular formula:253.8 This product is greyish black or bluish black crystal flaks of lump with a metallic luster,the nature is heavy,vrispy and with special odor,It can volatilize at room temperature.. Applications: Pharmaceutical industry:Sterlization and disinfection reagent:tincture of iodine; To synthesize potassium iodide,sodium ioide,compound iodine solution ldizeed oil iodide for making the developing agent of x light.。 Food industtry:The synthesis of sodium iodate,potassium iodate etc. Others:Used as catalyst in chemical and metallurgical industry. Agriculturally, iodine is the material for pesticide,4-iodinephenoxy acetic,for example.Iodine is the material synthesize organic dyestuffs.In lighting industry,tungsten-iodine lamps,colour light lamps.

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