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Soy lecithin powder Ⅰ level

Soy lecithin powder Ⅰ level

Region: Tianjin
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Detailed Description
  • Packaging Information: the inner package is the double low pressure polytene plastic bags and aluminium foil. The specification is 1kg, 5kg,10kg, 20kg per package, the outer package is made by manila. Net weight for every package is 20kg, or we can be made package des
  • Main Sales Markets: Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: no

Tianjin Boshuai Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd


Soya Lecithin Powder on Grade Ⅰ

原料产地: 美国/巴西/阿根廷




Quality Index



Quality Index


乳黄色或浅黄色粉状Cream-Yellow Powder

酸价(mgKOH/gAcid value


丙酮不溶物(%Acetone insolubles


过氧化值(meq/kgPeroxide value



Ethoxyethane Insoluble (%)









Adductive Reference

Major Functions

Medical Area Heath food, high-quality food

Prescription Amount

Functions are added to make people more intelligent and adjust nervous system, boosting memory, relieve panasthenia, senile dementia cerebral hemorrhage with notable effects. Dredging and soften the blood vessels, and become the primary medicine for prescribing angiocardiopathy such as arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarct. Preventing fatty liver, cirrhosis, adjusting fat metabolism of liver cells, reducing fatty deposits and clear LPO and anti-senility. Raising bio-activity of nutrients and greatly improve quality.

Instant Noodles, Noodles, Pasta

0.5%-1% (percentage for flour weight)

Enhancing noodle flexibility, reducing the leakage of starch when cooking the noodles, reducing stickiness of dough, and convenient in processing, making the noodles slide, soft and chewy.

Milk, Protein Drinks

3%-5%(calculated by lecithin rate)

Provide nutrient, enhancing fast dissolving and fat stability; preventing crystallized, quickens fast dissolving.

Ice-cream , popsicle


Emulsify ice-cream, some of it can replace fat, the size of particles is the same and enhance the bubbles and water stability, reducing the high melting point for oil crystallization, prevent oil floating and extra ice particles, enhancing the soft, slide, tasty and refreshing.

Margarine,butter, crisp oil, condensed milk, cheese


Improving tastes by making it oil but not greasy, slide and refreshing, saving fat usage and relatively reduce heat.

Sweet(milk candy toffee, butter peanuts candy)


Convenient for the mixture of sugar, oil, and water, rising oil dispersing and prevent particles presented, oil leakage and greasy taste, controlling rate of crystallizing and transparency. Making sure that the sweet is of slide surface but not sticky. Improving tastes and make the solid candy hard but crisp, the cutting process is smooth and not to stick to the knife.

Sauce and seasoning(oyster sauce, sauce, gravy, coated sauce)


Convenient to evenly mix different ingredients to create bubbles. Contain its unique flavor and odor, enhancing nutrients.

Gum, chewy gum


Good for moisture of rubber, improving flexibility and chewy taste, ant-sticky

Bread, Cake, biscuits and other bakery products


0.5%-1% (percentage for flour weight)
1-3% (Crisp Percentage)

Processing is fully, mixed, and easier to get off mould , enlarge and soften the products. Adding Flavor and hardly dispersed, raising foaming and reducing oil leakage.

Puffed food, fried food


Relive sticky dough, and easily shaped, and reduce fragility

Meat (Lunch meat sausage, meat balls,fish stuffing, ham sausage )


Improving fat water dissolving and dispersing, ensuring the unique quality and structure. Improving protein, starch, and water mixture, good for meat moisture.

Frozen food(Dumplings, glue pudding, shaomai, spring roll)


Improving moisture, prevent water evaporation, cracking, Making it fresh, no crease, no adhesion, less crystallizing, preventing hardy and cracking of dough



Keep moisture by replacing glycerol, sorbitol, maintaining moisture and flavor, soften toothpaste, protecting membrane of teeth

Fodder for eel



Gradually promoting the survival rate of the baby fish, improving the endurance of eel, meet the need for fatty acid,
choline, inositol for eel

Other High-quality fodder



Providing necessary nutrients,( fatty acid,
choline, inositol and so on)

Application Method,
1, As the self-emulsification, of phospholipids, firstly, mixture one portion of phospholipids with 3 or 4 portions of warm water( about 60-700C), stir up the mixture for a few minutes by using mixer, and in several minutes, the milk like liquid is formed and then it can be used.
2, It can also e used for mixture, primary used for the enhancing moisture of insoluble powder, but it should be mixed thoroughly.
3, Applying for the craft as the individual method.
Package: the inner package is the double low pressure polytene plastic bags and aluminium foil. The specification is 1kg, 5kg,10kg, 20kg per package, the outer package is made by manila. Net weight for every package is 20kg, or we can be made package designed by our customer.

Address: Tianjin China

City: Tianjin

Contact: Li Yuan Bo

TEL: -22-27915570

Fax: -22-27920127

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