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Non-gmo modified powder phospholipids

Non-gmo modified powder phospholipids

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Detailed Description
  • Packaging Information: the inner package is the double low pressure polytene plastic bags and aluminium foil. The specification is 1kg, 5kg,10kg, 20kg per package, the outer package is made by manila. Net weight for every package is 20kg, or we can make package design
  • Main Sales Markets: Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: no

Tianjin Boshuai Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd


NON-GMO Modified Soya Lecithin Powder

















Light yellow powder





























Application Method:

1 Nutrient
Revised soybean lecithin provides necessary nutrients and energy for the organism. It is vital importance to the growing of animals, and it is also supplementary nutrient for the fodder production, the functions of the lecithin are as follows:
1.1 As the supplement of fat, lecithin increases the fodder energy, the revised lecithin provides energy which is similar to plant fat of 7500~8000 kilocalorie/kg, the quality of produced meat eggs and milk are equally excellent as the products which survive by animal fat, which is good for people’s health as well.
1.2 Choline, inositol and lecithin are provided to improve nutrients, ① Lecithin made a contribution to preventing chicken from fatty liver and other syndromes. Lecithin, especially choline and inositol, increases egg production for about 7.4%, and reduce fodder consumption for 5%, the weight of each egg has increased for more than 3.2%. The amount of phosphorous used for Laihang Chicken forced molting period has reduced to 0.6%-0.7%, egg production has reached 75.8%, while the eggs production of 0.4% lecithin used chicken is only 66.2%. The egg production rate increases as the surging of phosphorous amount. ② Revised lecithin is directly used in the fish fodder, and it is excel in performance. The weight has increased 43%, fodder ratio has decreased for 1%, the protein rate and weight gaining rate has been greatly improved. As the study shows, when it is in the fastest growing period for carp, lecithin fodder amount is about 0.16%-0.17%. ③ Increasing levels of lecithin for pregnant cows are good for their metabolizing ability. When cows experiences lactation phosphorous rate has raised 20%-25%, those cows with additional lecithin produce 6.8% more milk than those without. One kilogram of milk consumes 0.99-0.94 fodder unit, and 98g-92g digestible protein, as the other group creates that of 1.04-0.97 and 102-95 respectively. ④ Piglet born only for 15 days to four months has been supplied with lecithin by the following ratio: 1kg on weight compare to 1g of lecithin. The group which used lecithin weighs higher than the group without.
Lecithin has been revised and the emulsification has been greatly improved, therefore the digestion rate for the nutrients has been enhanced and so does the fodder usable rate.

2.1 When the calves and piglets are artificial milked with lecithin, the fat inside their organism has been perfectly dispersed. Piglets belong to the group of artificial testing gain 7.24kg in 14days, while the other group without lecithin supplement has gained 6.11kg.
2.2 As for the juvenile prawn, lecithin improves the lower digestion ability because of lacking bile. Lecithin has raised the survival rate of juvenile prawn and reduced the death rate.
2.3 Lecithin is good for the digestion of fat-soluble vitamins, and improves quality of meat, eggs and milk; therefore, the value of the products has been changed.
3. Antioxidation
Revised lecithin presents strong antioxidation, which is to reduce the danger of enzyme in fodder, and to prolong preserving period of fodder, and protect polyunsaturated fatty acid in the fodder.
4. Suspension
Our products stable the fat dispersed in the water, and condense the floating the emulsion which is not easily dispersed. The ball shaped fodder lecithin supplement added to the water, it not only convenient for the fish to eat fodder, but also enhance the fodder usable rate.
5. Cohesion
Combining the fodder with the coarse silt produces extra powder that creates unnecessary waste. Revised lecithin sticks to each other better than the original compound, and reduces powder dust, reduce the situation of self degrading and evenly mix the folder material.
6. Lubrication
Revised soybean lecithin presents the quality of lubrication, it mainly used for the consumption of particle loss during the process of fodder production. Therefore prevent the equipment from perishing. Thus improve the quality and quantity of fodder particle and reduce energy consumption. Our product is the best supplement for the fodder production.
7. Flexibility,
Revised soybean, lecithin presents fluid at the room temperature, it is portable convenient.
8 Attractions
Revised soybean lecithin is good looking and flavor attracted with anti- odor process.

Special effects and application field are all above, as the antioxidation, nutrient improving, energy supplement and fodder addictives, lecithin is a great aid for producing fodder.

Package: the inner package is the double low pressure polytene plastic bags and aluminium foil. The specification is 1kg, 5kg,10kg, 20kg per package, the outer package is made by manila. Net weight for every package is 20kg, or we can make package designed by our customer.




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