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Candida Utilis Protein

Candida Utilis Protein

Region: Shandong
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Detailed Description
  • Main Sales Markets: North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Sample Provided: no

Candida Utilis Protein-Candida Utilis Protein-Animal nutrition-Products and services-Shandong SunKeen Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Candida utilis protein is a type of single-cell protein powder obtained by spray drying of thalli, which are produced by liquid fermentation of Candida utilis in the culture medium of corn steep liquor or mother liquor of glucose.
Product features
      1     Its contents of protein and Vitamin B are higher than those in brewing yeast.

2     It features high protein utilization. The apparent digestibility of growing pigs is 89.3% while that of laying hens is 91.1%.
       3     Free of harmful bacteria like Salmonella, the Candida utilis protein is non-toxic and harmless to human, livestock and poultry, and fish and prawns, nor will cause any pollution to the environment or cross contamination.
       4     It has stable performance and sound fluidity when added into powder feed, pellet feed, and premix feed. Free of electrostatic adherence, it can be subject to pelleting at a high temperature.
       5     Its content of yeast nucleic acid is as high as 9%, apparently higher than other nutritional yeasts.
Classification and indexes




Crude protein (%)     ≥



Moisture (%)         ≤



Crude ash (%)        ≤



Crude fat (%)         ≤




Light yellow to brown


Unique smell of Candida


Not detectable

1)  Direct nutritious function. It contains multiple nutritional ingredients, which can promote the growth and development of the livestock and poultry.
2)    Good palatability. Addition of yeasts in livestock and poultry feed at proper amount can improve animals’ appetite and increase feed conversion rate.
3)    It will promote reproduction of microorganism, make them more active, and adjust the balance of micro-ecology in the gastrointestinal tract.
4)    It will enhance activity of digestive enzymes in intestines of animals and increase the digestion rate of cellulose and mineral substances in animals.
5)    It will strengthen immunity and anti-stress capability of livestock and poultry, absorb pathogenic factors, and ensure their health.
6)    Unidentified growth factors (UGF) in the product can increase daily gain, feed reward, and reproductive performance.
7)    It can partially substitute spray dried animal plasma or fish meal in the daily ration, so as to effectively reduce costs.
Application fields: livestock, poultry, aquatic products, ruminants, pets, and other cultured animals.
Dosage: for chicken and ducks, 3-5%; for pigs, 4-6%; for such aquatic products as prawn, crabs, and fish, 5-10%; for cattle and sheep, 6-8%.
Specification: 25 kg/bag and packed with paper-based plastic composite packaging material
Quality guarantee period: 12 months
Cautions: As the product is easy to absorb moisture, it shall be stored in cool and dry places. It shall be sealed after use and protected against moisture.

Address: Jining,Shandong,China

City: Jining

Contact: Li Huifang

TEL: -537-6599302

Fax: -537-5458982

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