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 Terms of Services

Member Services and Annual Fee for Suppliers on
Services/Types of Service Membership Level
Common Member VIP Member
Basic Services
  —Company Profile
  —Enterprise News
  —Product Showroom 400 Unlimited
  —Product Alert 
  —Website Template
  —Factory Tour  
  —Company Video  
  —R & D  
  —Quality Control  
  —Service & Support  
Value-added Services
  —Mobile Web
  —Smart Leads Match Prior to Common members
  —WeChat Marketing: 2nd promotion place (image+text) Separate Purchase Once/year
  —Ads on Homepage of CPhI.CN or EN-CPhI.CN Separate Purchase 30 days
  —Ad Place of Channel Page 15 days 60 days
  —Search Result Ranking Separate Purchase Prior to Common members
  —Products being Recommended on eNewsletter Only for Top 10 active members of each month Five Times/year
  —Ads on eNewsletter Separate Purchase Once/year
  —Customized eNewsletter Separate Purchase Once/year
  —Market Special Promotion Only for Top 10 active members of each quarter
  —Special Topics Separate Purchase Once/year
  —Company Interview Once/year
(Only for top 20 active members) 
  —Broadcasting company video onsite at the Exhibition Once/year
(Only for top 10 active members) 
Data Report Service  
Price List(Unit:RMB) Common Member VIP Member One Year  Original Price:¥5000 Preferential Price:¥3500 / /
Two Year Package Original Price:¥10000 Preferential Price:¥5600 / / One Year  Original Price:¥7500 Preferential Price:¥5300 / /
Two Year Package Original Price:¥15000 Preferential Price:¥8000 / /
One Year  Original Price:¥10000 Preferential Price:¥6000 Original Price:¥26000 Preferential Price:¥16800
Two Year Package Original Price:¥20000 Preferential Price:¥9600 Original Price:¥52000 Preferential Price:¥25000
Value-added Services Price List(Unit:RMB) CN EN
WeChat Marketing
Original Price:¥10000/Once Preferential Price:¥5000/Once / /
Original Price:¥6000/Once Preferential Price:¥3000/Once / /
Original Price:¥4000 Preferential Price:¥2000(10 days) / /
Original Price:¥40000/Once Preferential Price:¥20000/Once / /
Search Result Ranking Original Price:¥10000/Month/Key Word Preferential Price:¥5000/Month/Key Word Original Price:¥15000/Month/Key Word Preferential Price:¥7500/Month/Key Word
Ads on eNewsletter Original Price: ¥4000/Once Preferential Price:¥2800/Once Original Price: ¥7200/Once Preferential Price:¥5000/Once
Customized eNewsletter Original Price: ¥16000/Once Preferential Price:¥8500/Once Original Price: ¥22000/Once Preferential Price:¥11000/Once
Special Topics Original Price: ¥17600/Once Preferential Price:¥10500/Once Original Price: ¥26000/Once Preferential Price:¥15000/Once
Market Special Promotion Original Price: ¥4000/Once Preferential Price:¥2800/Once Original Price: ¥7200/Once Preferential Price:¥5000/Once
Company Interview Original Price: ¥4000/Once Preferential Price:¥2800/Once Original Price: ¥7200/Once Preferential Price:¥5000/Once
Broadcasting company video onsite at the Exhibition Original Price:¥20000 Preferential Price:¥10000 / /
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