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  • Year Established: 1984

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  • Total Number of Staff: more than 500

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  • Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

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Company Profile

Ypsomed is a Swiss based developer and manufacturer of self-injection devices with more than 30 years of experience and numerous high precision and high quality devices on the global market. Ypsomed provides a complete range of technologies and services for reliable and user-friendly self-injection systems for injectables such as insulin, GLP-1, hGH and mAbs. Our customers are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide that develop, manufacture and market medications for self-injection.


Over 30 years Disetronic / Ypsomed

1984 Foundation Disetronic Medical Systems

1985 First micro insulin pump H-Tron MRS-1 (Hoechst);Programming unit H-Tron MRS (Hoechst);Reusable injection pen D-Pen

1986 Injection pen OptiPen I (Insulin / Hoechst)

1987 Commissioning tool manufacturing

1988 Foundation subsidiary Germany

1989 Continuous blood pressure monitor;Commissioning injection moulding plant;Dual-chamber injection pen (hGH / Kabi)

1990 First electronic injection pen OptiPen (Insulin / Hoechst)

1991 H-TRON V100 insulin pump;OptiPen Metall (Insulin / Hoechst);OptiPen 2 Starlet (Insulin / Hoechst);Profilomat (continuous blood pressure meter / Roche)

1992 Building of class D clean room;Needle for OptiPen

1993 ISO certification

1994 Panomat syringe pump 5 ml & 10 ml

1995 Founding of a subsidiary company in the Netherlands;Reusable electronic injection pen (hGH / Eli Lilly);Reusable electronic injection pen (hGH / Pharmacia)

1996 Founding of a subsidiary company in France;“Click-on” pen needle Penfine;Disetronic listed on Swiss Stock Exchange;Reco Pen (Epo / Boehringer Ingelheim)

1997 Founding of a subsidiary company in Sweden;OptiPen Pro (Insulin / Hoechst)

1998 Dahedi insulin pump;Reusable Disetronic-Pen;HumatroPen (hGH / Eli Lilly);Roferon-Pen (α-Interferon / Roche)

1999 Commissioning production site Lochbach, Burgdorf;Disposable pen OptiSet (Insulin / Hoechst Marion-Roussell)

2000 D-Tron insulin pump – type A cartridges (Insulin / Eli Lilly);Disetronic infusion set;Genotropin Pen 2 (hGH / Pharmacia & Upjohn);Disetronic Multifuse (ambulatory infusion pump)

2001 Distribution of BGM System FreeStyle™ (TheraSense / Europe)

2002 D-Tron plus insulin pump;Nutropin AQ Pen (hGH/Genentech);Starlet Pen (Insulin/Dongbao, China)

2003 Sale of Disetronic's insulin pump business to Roche;Foundation diabetics mail order business DiaExpert in Germany;Company renamed Ypsomed;Genotropin Pen (hGH/Pharmacia & Upjohn)

2004 Ypsomed listed on Swiss Stock Exchange;Disposable Gonal-f Pen (FSH/Merck-Serono)

2005 Semi-disposable Pen OptiClik (Insulin/Sanofi-Aventis);Acquisition of new industrial site in Solothurn, Switzerland

2006 Manufacturer certification in Japan;Preotact Pen (PTH / Nycomed);Dongbao electronic pen (Insulin / Dongbao, China)

2007 Acquisition of various diabetes sales organisations in Germany;Reusable HumatroPen 3 (hGH / Eli Lilly)

2008 Founding of a subsidiary company in India;New logistics and manufacturing site in Burgdorf, Switzerland;Disposable SymlinPen (Symlin / Amylin Pharmaceuticals);YpsoPen (Insulin / Polfa Tarchomin, Poland)

2009 Launch of mylife Diabetescare umbrella brand;10% share in Bionime Corp., in Taiwan;Solostar pen components (Insulin/Sanofi);red dot design award for ServoPen platform;mylife Pura blood glucose monitoring system in Europe

2010 Foundation subsidiary United Kingdom;mylife OmniPod insulin patch pump in Europe (Insulin);Gansulin Pen (Insulin/Dongbao, China);Disposable Genotropin GoQuick (hGH/Pfizer);Second generation mylife "click-on" pen needle;BiomatikPen (Insulin/Pharmstandard, Russia);mylife "click-on" safety pen needle;Good Design Award for mylife Clickfine AutoProtect

2011 Infusion set for Luer-based insulin pumps;Launch of umbrella brand YDS Delivery Systems;mylife SafetyLancets;Omnifill (Insulin/B.Braun);Acquisition infusion business Orbit from ICU Medical, US

2012 Foundation subsidiary Austria;mylife DailyDose;mylife OmniPod 2nd Generation;AnsuPen (Insulin/Square, Bangladesh);ConviPen (Insulin/Incepta, Bangladesh)

2013 mylife Clickfine 4 mm / 32G Nadel;Lupisulin Pen (Insulin/Lupin, India);mylife Penfine Classic (Schraubnadel);mylife Unio und mylife AutoLance;mylife Orbit Reservoir;Foundation subsidiary Italy;YpsoMate autoinjector (clinical trials);reddot design award for mylife Unio;Sulin Pen (Insulin/Dongbao, China);Biosulin Pen (Insulin/MJ Biopharm, India)

2014 Albiglutide LyoTwist (GLP-1 / GlaxoSmithKline, US);BiomatikPen 2 (Insulin / Pharmstandard, Russia);Bydureon Pen (GLP-1 / Astra Zeneca, UK);Palatin Autoinjector (BMT / Palatin Technologies, US)

2015 mylife Clickfine DiamondTip pen needle;mylife Clickfine AutoProtect 5mm / 31G;Lupisulin Pen (Insulin/Lupin, India);PolhuminPen (Insulin/Polfa Tarohomin, Poland);id Pen (Insulin/Indar, Ukraine)

2016 Launch of mylife™ YpsoPump® in several European countries

2017 Ypsomed  decides to launch  mylife™ YpsoPump® in further countries in Europe and abroad

2018 Further expansion of direct sales to more than 20 subsidiaries

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