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2019 China International Exhibition on biomedicine and technology

Time : September 20-21, 2019

Venue : Taizhou, China

Region : China

Organizer :Shanghai Guang Mao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

China International Biomedicine and Technology Exhibition (BIO EXPO 2019) will be held in Taizhou from September 20 to 21, 2019. BIO EXPO 2019 will invite exhibitors and professional audiences around the world to focus on the research of biomedicine and biotechnology fields such as genetic engineering, cell engineering, microbial engineering and biological instruments. Research on technology and achievements, to build a comprehensive platform for biopharmaceutical companies, new drug research and development institutions and professionals in the biotechnology industry, which integrates trade cooperation, communication and academic learning.


Scope of exhibits:

- protein antigen antibody biotechnological equipment biochemical reagent technical service biological process engineering

Biomedical Applications - Vaccine - Peptide - Enzyme - Biotechnology - Biological Agents - Drug Development - Therapeutics - Biomanufacturing - Cell Biology - Clinical Trials - Genomics - Genetics - Individualized Drug Use - Stem Cell Research - Biotechnology - Diagnostic Reagent - Bioengineering - Nanotechnology - Bioanalysis - Biofuels - Biology Material information-database management-biotechnology Application-Life science laboratory technology-other research equipment, reagent culture, reagent library sorting-crystal screening kit/equipment-drug discovery seed-automatic distributor-cell line-HPLC-intermolecular interaction analysis device-hybridoma screening, kit combination, etc. With Services - biopharmaceutical development, manufacturing services - analysis, quality assurance, testing services - other contract services - Investigation of pharmaceutical production clothing - drug development services - staffing services and other biopharmaceutical ingredients - biopharmaceutical raw materials, APIs - enzymes - auxiliary materials - additives - stabilizers - Test kits, disinfection, clean room facilities Equipment-clean room, bench, isolator-disinfector, high-pressure sterilizer-water purification system-air conditioning, air shower-clean room clothing, gloves, mask-disinfection filter-washing/dryer filling, freeze dryer-filling-bottle, container-freeze dryer-filling needle-syringe container-liquid filling capsule-1 Secondary filling system-filling pump-receiving container fermentation, culture system, equipment-bioreactor, culture boat, flask, homogenizer, high-pressure homogenizer, carbon dioxide incubator, disposable package, disposable articles, suspension culture system, separation, purification, concentration equipment/kit, purification device, virus filtering package, etc. Installation, membrane filter, ultrafiltration, microfiltration filter, purification column, centrifuge, continuous centrifuge, components, measuring equipment, cell measuring device, pH, DO sensor, pump, pipeline system/pipeline, pipe, valve, connector, pressure measuring instrument, safety, quality assurance, quality management analyst, particle measuring device, etc. Preparation, Comprehensive Evaluation System, Sugar Chain/Carbohydrate Analysis System, Viscometer, Stability Evaluation Equipment, Amino Acid Analysis System, Factory Engineering, Engineering Services, GMP/Validation Service, Chromatographic Analysis Room, Air Conditioning, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter, Biological Factory Design, Construction Services, Process Control System, etc.


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