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Gathering Quality Pharmaceutical Excipients inside and outside China, Helping Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Achieve Comprehensive Upgrading

December 25, 2018 By

PharmaExcipients China 2019 to Embark on a New Journey!

Laws and regulations of each country have raised higher requirements for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical excipient suppliers in recent years, to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical excipients. The relevant policies for the generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation, information registration of APIs, excipients, and pharmaceutical packaging materials, and related review and approval, etc. introduced in China in recent years have made clear the primary responsibility of the preparation enterprises for the selection of pharmaceutical excipients, which means that excipient enterprises shall be fully subject to the review of preparation enterprises so as to obtain recognition thereof and achieve development and innovation. Driven by the policies, the promotion and application of the new products, new dosage forms, and new processes will bring broad markets for new pharmaceutical excipients.

Implementation of China’s new policy for related review will be a life-or-death test to preparation, pharmaceutical excipient, and pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises, and largely increase requirements for responsibilities and technology of enterprises. Some Chinese enterprises engaging in pharmaceutical excipients and pharmaceutical packaging materials are actively adjusting and reforming to improve product quality and ensure pharmaceutical product quality and safety. And more preparation enterprises have generated urgent needs for quality excipient manufacturers. To further give play to the role of CPhI China as an international exchange platform and serve the generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation by using international advanced ideas and technologies, PharmaExcipients China will embark on a new journey in Hall E3 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on June 18-20, 2019 as one of the characteristic segments of CPhI China! The exhibition will set up an international exchange and cooperation platform for the linkage between China’s pharmaceutical excipients and preparation R&D and the organic connection between pharmaceutical product R&D chain and industrial chain, propel enterprises and R&D institutions to strengthen R&D of APIs, excipients, and pharmaceutical packaging materials, promote the lifecycle management, and technological upgrading and innovation of pharmaceutical products, and help enterprises continue to improve pharmaceutical excipient quality.

PharmaExcipients China 2019 to Embark on a New Journey!

Gathering Chinese and overseas industry giants, and guiding structure upgrade of excipient enterprises

PharmaExcipients China hosted by CCCMHPIE and UBM EMEA and co-organized by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo, has gradually become specialized, regulated, and large-scale over the five years accompanying the excipient industry, and has become a platform for the annual gathering, exchange, and close cooperation between practitioners in the Chinese excipient industry and their peers. CPhI China attracted 60,744 visits of visitors from 120 countries and regions during 2018 exhibition; in particular, the visits of overseas visitors showed explosive growth to reach 15,329, growing by over 50% than 2017, most of which were from the main countries that the Chinese excipients are exported to: the U.S., Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India. Numerous exhibitors expanded their booths owing to the good exhibition effects.

As a global leading pharmaceutical excipient supplier, Shanghai Colorcon Coating Technology Co., Ltd. has conducted global cooperation with CPhI. “In the CPhI China this year, Colorcon displayed many new products such as Opadry® QX and Nutrafinish, and brought better choices to customers to help them increase film coating production efficiency and accelerate product marketing; and we also shared with customers about Colorcon’s quality management system and products’ regulation compliance, and provided solutions and relevant services for customers’ products to enter the Chinese market. Furthermore, staff from Colorcon Asia-Pacific conducted full exchanges with customers of respective regions, to learn about customer needs and make targeted solutions subsequently. Thanks to CPhI for providing a professional platform that draws us closer to customers!” Commented by the Senior Marketing Manager of Colorcon.

PharmaExcipients China 2019 has attracted over 100 Chinese and overseas high-end excipient enterprises such as BASF, Colorcon, Lubrizol, DuPont, Meggle, JRS, Kerry, and Avantor to join. The exhibition is like a bridge that connects the international market, expands the industrial chain, and drives the industry progress. Exhibitors have found more international partners and international well-known enterprises, enhanced their visibility, and promoted their overall value via this platform.

Conferences and activities in multiple forms, exhibition experiences on a deeper level

80+ specialized forums, conferences, and activities will be orchestrated in the exhibition for the exhibitors and visitors, wherein, Pharmaceutical Excipients Development Forum 2019 will gather 200+ researchers and purchasers of the pharmaceutical enterprises to participate on site; IPEC’s front-line expert, ICH expert, pharmacopeia experts, and authority figures from Chinese and overseas regulators, industry associations, research institutes, pharmaceutical product R&D enterprises, pharmaceutical product manufacturers, and pharmaceutical excipient enterprises will also gather there, to analyze updates of excipient guidelines of the countries, and share about the application of new excipients in preparation development. The forum will discuss hierarchical administration, quality control technical requirements, excipient supply chain management, and importance of quality agreements of preparation enterprises and pharmaceutical excipients, and explain and exchange on how to conduct related review and approval, how to change excipients for marketed preparations, and other industry hot topics, to help excipient enterprises integrate into the global industry chain. And the CPhI China Pharmaceutical Excipients Discovery Tour led by experts, by providing specialized explanations and optimizing the interaction between exhibitors and visitors, will help enterprises locate quality suppliers more quickly and more effectively, obtain the opportunities to exchange on the latest information and dynamics of the industry at close range, achieve win-win cooperation in the industry, and boost China’s generic drug consistency evaluation, to embrace a new era of development!


Visit the exhibition website to join the industry event of pharmaceutical practitioners!


PharmaExcipients China2019

Concurrently with CPhI China 2019

June 18-20, 2019 | Hall E3, SNIEC, Shanghai, China


Co-organizer: UBM Sinoexpo

Contact detail:

Ms. Yingqi Shi


T: +86 21-33392421



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