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Top 15 breaking News in 2018 of CPhI.CN

January 02, 2019 By

2019 is coming! We have sort out a list of the TOP 15 breaking pharmacuetical news of 2018 in EN-CPhI.CN. They are all created by the orginal writers of CPhI.CN! Wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

1. Review of Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease—Lucky Stars, Fallen Stars and Future Stars of Patients

The pharmaceutical giants that entered early in the field have suffered R&D setbacks and quit, but this does not stop other companies from continuing to seek the light of victory.

2. Diagrammatizing of the Varieties with Sales in China Sample Hospitals Exceeding RMB 1 Billion in 2017

According to the PDB sample hospital database, the overall sales in China sample hospitals reached RMB 222.3 billion in 2017, wherein, there were 45 varieties with sales exceeding RMB 1 billion, and their total sales reached RMB 66.148 billion, accounting for about 29.76% of the overall sales.

3. Analysis of Warning Letters Issued by FDA in 2018 Q1

As the global leader in and wind vane for drug regulation, the U.S. FDA’s management measures for the pharmaceutical industry and regulation trend have been the focus of pharmaceutical practitioners.

4. 2017 OTC Drug Rankings Released: What Blockbuster Drugs were among the Top 10

The huge OTC drug market of China is a huge cake for the pharmaceutical enterprises which hope to “eat” more and seize more market shares.

5. Global Top 10 Best-selling Drugs

This article summarizes and introduces the global top 10 best-selling drugs, to present the readers an impression thereon.

6. A Review of the Vaccines Marketed in China: 63 Varieties of Vaccines from 45 Enterprises

The vaccine incident of Changsheng Bio-technology has continued to simmer recently. Vaccine fabrication is something absolutely intolerable.

7. Would You be Optimistic about the Chinese Team if Pharmaceutical Enterprises of the Countries were to Hold a World Cup?

The 21st FIFA World Cup had been grandly held in Russia, which attracted many fans, would you be optimistic about the Chinese team if pharmaceutical enterprises of the countries were to hold a world cup?

8. 46 New Drugs: The Number of New Drugs Marketed in 2017 Set a New Record for Recent 20 Years

FDA approved the marketing of 46 new drugs in total by December 21, 2017, successfully setting a new review record for the recent 20 years.

9. List of Blockbuster Drugs Becoming Off-patent in 2018

Patent protection is crucial to an original drug; according to previous experience, the sales of a drug may plummet after its patent expires.

10. Decryption of the Feminization Drug on the Internet

The real scientific name (generic name) for stilbestrol or stilboestrol is diethylstilbestrol (DES), but not the “biethylstilbestrol” often mentioned online.

11. Analysis of New Drug R&D Strategies: Advantages of First-to-Market Drugs Shrinking while Latecomer me-better Drugs Surpassing

In the new drug development, pursuing the marketing of the first product of its variety is always the highest goal of pharmaceutical enterprises.

12. Sales of Roche’s Rituxan Have Started to Decline as Biosimilars Thereof are Marketed

Celltrion and Teva Pharmaceutical released big news on October 11, 2018 that the Rituxan® (rituximab) biosimilar: CT-P10 developed by them achieved positive progress: the FDA Advisory Committee voted unanimously 16:0 to recommend approval of marketing of CT-P10, with indications: 1. r/r-CD20+, B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) as a single agent; 2. previously untreated CD20+, B-cell NHL in combination with chemotherapy, as single-agent maintenance therapy; and (3) stable disease, CD20+, B-cell NHL after chemotherapy. After the marketing, CT-P10 will become the first Rituxan® (rituximab) biosimilar approved for marketing in the U.S.

13. Pains of TCM Injections, and Imminent Reevaluation of TCM Injections

The State Drug Administration of China (SDA) announced in the evening of May 29, 2018 the decision to revise the package insert of Bupleurum injection (as shown in the following figure). Besides adding warning and revision of adverse reaction, contraindication, and notice, what draws the greatest public attention is the “contraindicated for children” in the contraindication, for which the main reason is the multiple adverse reactions of the Bupleurum injection (see the following figure).

14. Diagrammatizing of the Chinese-produced new chemical drugs approved for production in 2017

In a blink, it comes to the end of another year! 2017 is being further away. Do you know what are the new Chinese-produced drugs approved for production in this year, as a pharmaceutical practitioner?

15. Amazing Monthly Sales Performance of Opdivo and Keytruda in China

It was revealed that by September 30, i.e., about one month after the marketing in China, the sales revenue of the two anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody drugs: Opdivo and Keytruda separately reached RMB 190 million and RMB 150 million, showing amazing performance.

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