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S-CELL Becomes the First in Asia to Introduce Consumer Epigenetics Testing and is the Most Advanced Test in the World

February 22, 2020 By prnasia

S-CELL, in partnership with Chronomics, is the first company in Asia to introduce Healthspan, the most advanced epigenetic testing service in the world. Chronomics was established in 2017 and later officially launched the epigenetics testing kit in hopes to lead a revolution on preventive healthcare.

The biological aging wellness calculator comes with a simple test procedure. Starting with a provided test kit, a saliva sample shall be conducted in the comfort of the individual's residence and will be sent back for researchers to process DNA methylation data. Chronomics then provides detailed and organized results on overall health status, including specific lifestyle and environmental biomarkers that contribute to the current results. Within 6-8 weeks, data can be accessed through an official digital platform for the users to track and personalize health management with the guidance of their health experts. 

"By bringing advanced epigenetics into the mainstream, this is the start of true and personalized health management," says Chronomics CEO, Dr. Tom Stubbs, who holds a PhD at the University of Cambridge in the epigenetics of aging. He is a specialist in Epigenetics, Machine Learning, and Computational Biology. 

A core point of Healthspan and of which sets it apart from other health tracking methods is the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS). It is an advanced technology that enables researchers to look into biological systems in a next-level capacity than ever made before. Through DNA sequencing, experts of the Chronomics team are able to interpret highly accurate data and expand the knowledge into recommendations to meet the personalized health goals of the patient. 

"It allows us to expand the range of things that we quantify beyond biological age," said Dr. Daniel Herranz, CSO and co-founder of Chronomics on the utilization of next-generation sequencing. He also has great expertise in computational epigenetics from acquiring a PhD at the European Bioinformatics Institute. "At the moment people are really obsessed with biological age as the only thing to be measured and it's a great start but our vision in Chronomics is to actually break down the different resources that make up your biological age and by doing this, we can act on more specific aspects of your biology," he added. 

John Gong, founder and chairman of S-CELL, also talked about the benefits of the technology towards aging. "Healthspan's cutting edge technology allows us to accurately know and understand key factors that are influencing our Aging and how diet, exercise and health supplementation can slow Aging and improve our Healthspan." This partnership helps in emphasizing the significance of understanding epigenetics for a sustainable healthcare system. The biological wellness solution in the form of a highly accurate test kit puts customers on a new level of ease and opportunity for personalized health management.

There have been discussions on the current burden of non-communicable diseases. The stated fact that we are living longer, yet sicker is a huge concern in the healthcare and epigenetics industry. Chronomics stated the need for a paradigm shift in medicine - switching the focus from the treatment of one disease into the prevention of multiple diseases. S-CELL and Chronomics push biological wellness to a new level through this cutting edge technology.

About S-CELL

S-CELL Health & Beauty aims to improve people's quality of living through the creation of breakthrough cellular health supplements that support wellness and aging. S-CELL offers solutions for healthier skin, brain, vision, joints, weight management, and more extended health benefits. Products are made from the breakthrough synergy of the finest natural ingredients from both sides of the world together with the latest advancements in technology. 

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